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Experience Velika Gorica

6th largest city in Croatia

Located 16 km south of Zagreb; it is the biggest and the main settlement of the traditional Turopolje region. Velika Gorica was first mentioned in 1228 as a parish centre, but archaeological findings suggest there was life in this area even in prehistoric times.

Today the city of Velika Gorica has the population of around 35.000, or 70.000 broader surroundings included. 

The Silver Flower of Europe

Competing among 5300 European cities, Velika Gorica gained award The Silver flower of Europe – an award of the European Association for Flowers and Landscape Entente Florale. It was received on 9 September 2004, in French city Aix-les-Bains.

At the European ceremony, being witnessed by 500 guests from all European countries, Croatia was awarded two silver medals. Velika Gorica received the silver medal Entente Florale (silver flower) for preservation of its forests de Turopolje, Roman thermae in Ščitarjevo (archaeological site of Andautonia), and the restoration of the traditional architecture of Turopolje and finally because as a young legislative city it has magnificently planned all its parks, grass areas. It has also organized for all its citizens a competition in the beauty of private gardens and house lots.


Experience Turopolje

Throughout the year, Velika Gorica and its surroundings offer a variety of events which talk about Turopolje and its inhabitants in a fun and interesting way.

At the beginning of a year wild parties take place at the Turopolje Carnival where a few thousand masked faces pass through large carnival processions and a small carnival. With beautiful weather in the spring, many sport events and folklore exhibitions take place, while Turopolje St George’s Day and Legendfest are being expected with special impatience. The town doesn’t sleep in the summer when through a rich program of Gorica Evenings and VG FEST you can get to know even better cultural and art scene of our town.

With the coming of the autumn one can discover the charms of the Roman Andautonia, a rich cultural heritage of Turopolje and its gastronomic offer can be best experienced at the traditional “Gastro Turopolje”. The end of the year in our town is marked with the Advent in Gorica, the celebration of the Town Day, Christmas concerts and with a big New Year’s Eve Day on the open.

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