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Show & fun

For you, as an exhibitor, these shows mean opportunity to see the dogs, compete, get opinion on your dogs from breed specialists and to win tittles. 

For us, the organizers, it means much more. Yes, we hope you all who will enter will enjoy the show and bring some wonderful memories back from Croatia.

But, what is equally important to us is representation of our wonderful retriever breeds to the general public, to raise awareness of pedigree dogs and their heritage, purpose and importance. To show what dogs can do and what are doing everyday life, especially how our wonderful retriever breeds are serving people for the greater good.

What is very important to us is to show kids there is no point of being afraid of dog and that showing dogs can be fun as well. Year after year we have child and dog competition and it is always center of our show.

We also believe that adults should have fun, so this time we will organize senior handling as well.



10:00 - Croatian police - work of dogs in police

11:00 - Indigo - animal welfare charity will talk about responsible ownership and teamwork between all dog lovers for "Happy dogs and happy people"

12:00 - Sreach and rescue dogs - presentation of dogs trained for rescue purposes

12:30 - Therapy and guide dogs - presentation of dogs trained for therapy and guide dogs, their training and socialisation

13:00 - Nosework Croatia - presentation of nosework dog sport

Everybody is welcome, entry to the showground is free for visitors and visiting dogs!


(before best in show)

Child & dog

Senior handling

Both competition are free of charge

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