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Tips & Tricks

We know traveling to different countries brings different questions. Our club members often travel all around World, that's why we decided to include this page to help you answer to frequently asked questions and to give you some tips and tricks for stay in Croatia.

  • Can I take my dog with me to café bar?
    It depends on the bar. Before you wish to enter, ask. Nowadays a lot of places allow well behaved dogs, but there is no general policy for bars to allow dogs or not.
  • How should I communicate?
    Do not worry. Most of Croatians speak fluent English. We have obligatory English since 1st grade of elementary school, so younger generations will be able to help you without any problem.
  • Is it mandatory to have my dog on the leash all the time?
    Yes it is. There are places you can let your dogs run, but it is highly advisable to have your dog on the leash while walking in the city to avoid fine.
  • Should I pick up after my dog?
    Silly question, we know... Unfortunately many dog owners do not do it. So don't be like others, be an example.
  • Should I take my dog to the dog park?
    We would avoid it. The reason is simply because it can be overcrowded and some dog owners are not able to control their dogs. It is better to walk them on the leash.
  • Can I take my dog to the shopping mall?
    Yes!! All shopping malls allow dogs inside. When it comes to the stores in the malls, on every store there should be red or green dog sign which tells you can you take your dog in or not. But inside mall, everybody are welcome.
  • Can I take my dog to the restaurant?
    Again, ask. In some restaurants where they have terrace you can take your dog. Inside it is highly unlikely due to sanitary regulations of our country.
  • Where to look for accommodation?
    Do not be afraid to travel. Both show grounds are easily accessible from the highway. You can look for an accommodation within 60km from both showgrounds. It will give you more possibilities and better price range. P.S. Always look if an accommodation has a parking place.
  • Can I take my dog to a pet store?
    Yes, you can. Just on the leash, of course.
  • Is Croatia expensive country?
    Depends who you ask. If you ask us, Croatians, yes! Compared to average salaries we have quite a pricy everyday life. General tax is 25% which is one of the highest in Europe. Yet, compared to Nordic countries or UK, most things are still cheaper. We have, at the moment, cheap fuel compared to other countries, so before you leave, do not forget to tank your car :)
  • What is official currency in Croatia?
    Since 1st January 2023 our official currency is euro. Cash is accepted everywhere.
  • How can I travel to Croatia?
    Most used type of transport is road transport. Croatia has large network of roads, with highways connecting all parts of Croatia with surrounding countries, and all meet in Zagreb :) Other ways are by train, but railway network is not that developed, and by the air. Main Airport in Croatia - Airport Franjo Tuđman is located in Velika Gorica, so actually only few minutes away from the show.
  • Where can I pay with credit card?
    Most of stores, bars, restaurants, hotels, taxis, museums, galleries, ect. accept credit card. However, if you plan to attend some fair or visit local market you will need cash, so we always recommend that you have some extra euros in your wallet :)
  • Are highways free of charge or should I pay it and how?
    No. All highways have to be paid. You will get the ticket at the entrance and pay at the exit. You can either pay by credit card or cash (euros). Some foreigners have "ENC" which is electronic automatic payment, but if you are not frequently in Croatia, there is no point of buying it.
  • Other vaccinations
    Other vaccinations are not compulsorily in Croatia, but it is highly advisable to vaccinate your dogs against distemper, parvo, leptospirosis...
  • My dog needs a vet, where to go?
    There are many vet clinics in Zagreb and surrounding area. There is veterinary clinic in Velika Gorica: VETERINARSKA STANICA VELIKA GORICA d.o.o. Address: Sisačka b.b., 10410 Velika Gorica Phone: 0038516221-263 E-mail: And veterinary clinic we highly recommend and most of our breeders use: VETERINARSKA AMBULANTA LJUBIMAD d.o.o. Address: Matije Ivanića 19, 10 000 Zagreb Phone: 0038513750-339 E-mail:
  • Does Croatia honor 3 - year rabies vaccines?
    Yes. You need to have pet passport or health certificate in which date, manufacturer and expiration date of vaccine is visible and stamped by veterinarian.
  • Flea and tick prevention - VERY IMPORTANT!!!
    Ticks are biggest problem we have in Northern part of Croatia. And yes, they are POISONUS!! Protect your dog against ticks with Nexgard, Bravecto, Simparica or Credelio pills. Yes, we are not fans of these pills either, but spot ons, sprays, herbal collars and protection or even Seresto/Foresto collars are NOT ENOUGH!! Believe us, we have experience. Good thing is, we never had any serious Babesia consequences as whenever Retriever is sad, do not want to eat and is having high body temperatures it's time to go to the vet ASAP!
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